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This is an update on our cable TV program.   "Taxpayer Alert" is a public service effort by volunteers and sponsored by the Calaveras County Taxpayers Association and the Calaveras County PATV Studio. 

For those who do not have Calaveras cable TV, or are out of the area, previously aired programs are uploaded to YouTube and can be accessed on line. We have linked all the programs below, with the most recent first.

Steve Fairchild Business Leader

Steve owns and operates many tourist attractions in our county including Moaning Cavern Resort.  He is also an expert on history, geology, climatology, economics and american history. Steve discusses a wide range of topics including finding tools in his cave millions of years old.

Barbara Sullivan County Tax Collector

Barbara discusses current topics including Transit Occupancy and Cannabis taxes.

Rebecca Callen Auditor

Rebecca provides an update on county finances. She discusses the CalPers dilemma and the problems of getting out of that system, the high turnover in law enforcement and the heavy expenses due to the current emergencies.

Eddie Ballard Jail Commander

Eddie discusses jail operations and the heavy turn over of personnel.  CCTA is offering group public tours of the jail. 

Leslie Davis  Assessor

Leslie provides an update on property assessment issues and the huge back log of assessments due to the fire and other emergencies.

Tim Lutz, CAO

Big welcome to Tim our new CAO. He discusses current issues in a positive perspective.

Jack Garamendi, Supervisor

Jack discusses major issues in District 2, including fire recovery, the roll of property rights in increasing land use responsibility, the hot button cannabis Ban, hard choices in the budget and looking ahead.

Dennis Mills, Supervisor Elect

Dennis discusses current county topics including water issues, cannabis and ideas to reform county government to improve communications.

Michael Olivera, Supervisor

Michael discusses current county topics including the cannabis issue, law enforcement and tree mortality. 

Bret Murphy, Jefferson State

Bret discusses the present status of the new state movement and what are the next steps.

Cory Burnell, Financial Advisor

Cory discusses our local and national economy and provides stock favorites.

Leslie Davis, Assessor

Leslie discusses the current challenges her Department is facing due to the  Butt Fire and other topics.

Steve Kearney, Supervisor

Steve responds to the charges made in the recall effort he is facing in the November election as well as other items of interest to the taxpayer..  

The next two programs are a special program and Feature Supervisor Cliff Edson and former Supervisor Gary Tofanelli who are in a close run off for District One seat.

Gary Tofanelli, Candidate District 1 

Cliff Edson, Candidate District 1

David Fox and Felicia Dunn, Butte Fire Issues

David and Felicia discuss the resources available for those who need help, how these resources have been working, things government can do to help and how victims are getting help from PG&E.

Elaine St. John, Water Advocate

 Elaine discusses the release of scarce water to save fish, the 2009 Bio Opinion,

efforts made to stop the waste of water including OID refusing to comply with 

the federal orders. Also, discussed is a signature campaign to prevent future bad policy.

David Tunno, Planning Commission

David explains some of the advocacy work he has done on behalf of taxpayers over the last several years. His article on the FEMA Scheme went viral from the CCTA website. His work exposing the the CalPERS unfunded liability and his thoughts on what the General Plan should be were covered. Discussed was the meaning of "Regulatory Swamp" as expressed by another Planning Commissioner.  Also introduced is his book "Fixing the Engine of Justice", in which Tunno suggests reasonable reforms to the jury system. Ran out of time too quickly.

Cliff Edson, Supervisor

Cliff discusses many issues including: fast tracking county approvals for certain projects, Chamber revitalization with the new positive Director, Stacey Johnson; the possibility of having a freedom friendly General Plan; finalizing the general Plan first and doing the community plans lator; Some local plans are complete now; Reducing the burden of regulation tends to  increase prosperity; watershed is a huge asset and a new Watershed Management Program is waiting for grant funding; Customer feedback on performance and creating a location map to help applicants were ideas shared.

Dennis Mills, CCWD Director

Dennis covers many hot button issues including: The struggle to create New Melones reservoir against the Wild & Scenic movement; the Fed  forcing draining the lakes for fish flow and Tri Dam refusing to comply; little known harmful effects of reducing flow in pipelines; Wild and Scenic on the Mokelumne river; CCWD success in substantially reducing state water reduction requirements; organizing water districts to work together to better serve their ratepayers. This is the third interview with Dennis with each one providing more insight into current government affairs.

Rebecca Callen, Auditor/Controller

Rebecca covers a wide range of issues including:a problem with Supervisors voting for their own retirement; Problem with contracting out; Postponing debt reduction; unfunded CalPERS liability of $47 million which would have to be paid off if the county wished to change systems and why are public employees paid so much more than private employees.

Joel Metzger, CCWD Customer Relations Manager  

Joel provides water saving information and talks about the new  Calaveras Conserves website. He also addresses taxpayer concerns about over extension of state power during the drought.

Dana Nichols, Editor, Calaveras Enterprise

Interesting wide ranging discussion about current topics including the new publisher, media bias, the drought and local government issues.

Dennis Mills, CCWD Director

Dennis discusses water issues, including rate freezes, fish releases and long term water planning.

Karl Rodefer, Tuolumne County Supervisor 

Karl addresses several issues of concern to both Tuolumne and Calaveras County.Such as the proposed  extensive government regulations on ranchers. forest land mismanagement and water issues.

Jonathan Wood, Pacific Legal Foundation

Jonathan discusses several important cases the foundation has been working on, including Obama Care. 

Jon Coupal, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Jon is a great speaker and totally dedicated to protecting the taxpayer. He discusses current issues in this interview.

 Dick Guthrie, Snow Park Project

Dick tells about the huge struggle he faced getting approvals for his project. He also shares some of the interesting details about the proposed Snow Park. 

Peter Maurer, Planning Director

Peter shares information on the General Plan Update process and reports progress with his talks with the Feds on the issue of FEMA Flood Insurance.

John Adams, Crises Planning

John provides information on how families can protect themselves in times of crises. He is also an expert on community action communications. While CCTA does not agree with some of his beliefs, his practical approach to improving communications is a great service to the public and CCTA. 

Steve Fairchild, General Plan

Steve is our resident expert on science, economics, business and government affairs. He was President of the County Chamber when the first General Plan was established. He is also, Vice President of CCTA and provides knowlegde and wisdom to it's Board meetings.

Steve Fairchild, FEMA

Steve talks about the FEMA Flood "Insurance" problem and other taxpayer local issues. 

Dennis Mills, CCWD Director Elect

Dennis discusses his experience in managing large organisations and some of the policies of CCWD. Extensive discussion of leadership principles and the role of manager vs that of a Director.

Bob Dean, CCWD Director

Bob discusses the history of CCWD and some of the problems recently experienced. He is an outgoing CCWD Director and is Chair of the CCTA Water Committee.

Gary Kuntz, Sheriff

Gary discusses the new jail, a need for new radio communications towers, AB 109, Veterans Court, crime reporting issues and developing a burglary response unit. The Veterans Court proposal was promoted by Charity Maness who was a previous guest on this program. She also has the Copper Gazette and writes for the Calaveras Enterprise. Gary has just been reelected to serve our county for another four years. In July we will be taping an interview with Candice Keesey, Executive Director, Friends of the Sheriff's Office which raised $50,000 for a new canine unit.  

Joel Barnett, Bear Mountain Cooperative

Joel talks about the new Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative, including who is currently involved, what are the goals and objectives and how Bear Valley affects our economy in Calaveras County. Also provided is information about the benefits of becoming a member and how to become one. Joel is also owner of Bear Valley Real Estate Brokerage.

Rebecca Callen, Auditor/Controller  

Rebecca discussed the county budget including a range of possible solutions to the $8 million shortfall.

Pete Kampa, Public Water Consultant

Pete was Manager of the Tuolumne County Water District for 20 years and shares wisdom and ideas on public services.

Judge Candidates Department Two

This 1/2 hour show is moderated by Joel Metzger. Participants are: Tim Healy, John J. Trifilo and Hugh Swift.

Judge Candidates Department One

This 1/2 hour show is moderated by Joel Metzger. Participants are: Grant Barrett, Dana Leanne Pfeil and Kenneth M. Foley.

Sheriff Candidates

The 1/2 hour show is moderated by Stephen Crane, Editor. The participants are Sheriff Gary Kuntz and challenger Patrick Garrahan.

District 3 Supervisor Candidates

The one hour show is moderated by Stephen Crane, Editor. Participants are: Merita Callaway, Mike Oliveira and Mike Borian.

District 5 Supervisor Candidates

The one hour show is moderated by Joel Metzger, Editor. Participants are: Marti Crane, Steve Kearney, Darren Spellman and Roy Estakhri

Charity Manness

Charity is owner of the Copper Gazette and a strong supporter of our veterans. 

Joel Metzger

Joel is Editor of the Calaveras Enterprise and host of the popular PATV program Inside View. Fascinating discussion on wide variety of topics including the first Amendment.

Jeff Davidson

Jeff is a Director with CCWD and President of the county Chamber. He discusses some of the challenges facing CCWD.

 Merita Callaway 

Merita is Supervisor of District 3. She discusses the current County budget crises and other topics

Barbara Yook

Barbara is our Calaveras County District Attorney. She discusses some of the challenges her department is facing such as the effects of AB 109 on local crime and the need for upgrading facilities to better serve the public.

Cory Burnell

Cory is a financial Advisor with a strong understanding of economics. He discusses how one could avoid the penalty for not buying government health insurance and other topics.

Mark Luster, Part 1,  Mark Luster, Part 2

Mark represents Sierra Pacific Industries and is a former County Chamber President. He discusses current state of the timber industry in California.

Guy Puccio

Guy discusses an interesting perspective on our national economic problems.

Heather Gass

Heather has done much research on the subject of the "Dark Side of Sustainability". Strong supporter of a free America. Dynamic lady. 

Steve Fairchild 

Steve owns Moaning Cavern Park and other very successful enterprises in the Gold County. He is former President of the County Chamber, the Visitor's Bureau and is Vice President of the Calaveras Taxpayers Association. He discusses several interesting concepts.

Gary Kuntz 

Gary is our County Sheriff and he discusses progress in reducing response time and improvements including the new jail.

Richard Fields

Richard represents the Pacific Legal Foundation and he discusses several interesting court cases.

Rebecca Callen

Rebecca is our County Auditor/Controller and she discusses concerns about county overspending and other concerns.

 George Runner

George is our representative on the Board of Equalization and he discusses several issues including the Fire Tax.

Jon Coupal

Jon is president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and is leading the lawsuit seeking to overturn the Fire Tax. He discusses other issues as well.

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